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    Excavator also bitter summer! Midsummer approaching, excavator "three high" how to treat?
    Public date:2021-1-15   Hits:5869

    There are many projects in summer, which is exactly the season of frequent failure of excavators. "Three height" is a common fault in summer construction of excavators, which is the main factor leading to fault shutdown.

    The temperature of the tank is too high, commonly known as "boiling". "Boiling" affects the normal heat dissipation of the engine, and then causes the high temperature expansion and deformation of the parts in the engine, such as the piston and piston ring, which are heated to expand and get stuck. At the same time, high temperature intensifies the oxidation of oil and speeds up the wear of moving parts. To prevent "boiling", the old drivers have their own tricks, someone refit the water tank, someone adds air cooling, someone simply remove the cover of the water tank.
    In fact, under the premise of not destroying the appearance, the correct use of antifreeze can effectively avoid boiling. Antifreeze has two characteristics: low freezing point, high boiling point. Therefore, it can not only keep the vehicle system working in the winter, but also prevent the cooling water boiling in the summer. The antifreeze antirust and anti-corrosion function can also slow down the aging of the entire cooling system, and the anti-scale function can prevent the scale from blocking the circulating pipeline.

    When the hydraulic oil temperature is too high, the viscosity, lubricity and wear resistance of the oil will significantly decrease, which will not only lead to the increase of leakage, the oil film of the sliding parts will also be destroyed, so that the wear of the hydraulic components is aggravated, so the hydraulic oil with slightly higher viscosity should be selected in summer. The conventional temperature of the hydraulic oil is between 30℃ and 55℃. When the temperature of the hydraulic oil continues to increase, the hydraulic components expand according to different coefficients, and the stuck fault may occur, and the downtime is inevitable. Preventing high temperature of hydraulic oil depends on daily inspection and maintenance, such as regularly dusting and cleaning the radiator, which can maintain heat dissipation performance.

    Grease temperature is too high, will lead to soft grease, reduce adhesion performance, easy to lose. At this time, the working device and rotary device will cause high temperature, wear, noise and other "unsatisfactory" because of poor lubrication. The main reason of grease failure is the shrinkage of gel and the evaporation loss of base oil. High temperature is the culprit that leads to the increase of grease evaporation, oxidation deterioration and serious condensation and oil separation. Therefore, in summer, we must choose a grease with good high temperature performance, not only to maintain the adhesion performance at a high temperature, but also to ensure that the failure process is slow.

    In summer, vegetation is luxuriant, insects and birds are active, and it is difficult to guarantee that there will not be flying insects at risk into the compartment, it is difficult to guarantee that there will not be catkins adsorbed to the water tank, and there will not be withered branches and rotten leaves stuffed into the radiator. These are the hidden dangers that cause the high temperature of the engine, the high temperature deterioration of the hydraulic oil, and the bad air-conditioning refrigeration. Moreover, some "old" excavators, water tanks and radiators at the cover, sponge damage or fall off, resulting in abnormal fan suction, may cause poor heat dissipation.

    Good operators have good maintenance habits, such as cleaning and removing impurities at leisure; Always pay attention to the number of water temperature table; When the water temperature is high, idle speed to cool down in the nearest shade; Check frequently whether the antifreeze is missing; Frequently check the tension and fatigue of the fan belt... Are good habits to ensure the healthy construction of excavators. In addition, when the engine temperature of small excavator is too high, do not immediately flameout to prevent the engine internal overheating and causing cylinder pulling accident. It should be flameout and stop after idling and cooling.

    Idle time to park the equipment in the shade to cool down, but by all means do not use cold water pouring tires, pouring brake to force cooling.

    The construction of crawler excavator after rain should pay attention to: when the water overflowing the rotary ring gear, the grease in the ring gear should be replaced in time to prevent the sand mixed in the grease, which leads to the wear of the gear and ring gear. When wading, do not make the tilt Angle of the excavator more than 15° to avoid invading the water and damaging the radiator. Rainy summer, the crawler tight cylinder should also be often dredged to prevent rust.

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