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    Six ways of loader operation make you a good loader hand
    Public date:2020-6-2   Hits:6905

    Here are 6 ways to become a good loader hand! Come and have a look.


    1. Light


    During the operation of the loader, keep the heel close to the floor of the cab, keep the foot plate parallel to the accelerator pedal, and press the oil pedal gently.


    2. Stable


    When the loader is in operation, the accelerator should always be stable. In general operation, the throttle opening is about 70-80%.


    3. Separation


    During the operation of the loader, the foot board shall be separated from the brake pedal and placed flat on the floor of the cab. It is better not to step on the brake pedal.


    Loaders often work on uneven construction sites. If the foot is always on the brake pedal, the body will move up and down, causing the driver to inadvertently step on the brake pedal.


    In general, it is necessary to control the engine condition and shift by controlling the throttle deceleration.


    This not only avoids the brake system overheating caused by frequent braking, but also brings convenience for the loader to speed up quickly.


    4. Diligent


    When the loader is working, especially when the shovel is digging, the bucket should be full of materials with the circulation of pulling the lifting and turning stick when the accelerator is stable.


    Lift and turn the bucket control lever cycle pull is called "frequently.".


    This process is very important and has a great impact on fuel consumption.


    5. Coordination


    Coordination is the organic coordination of lifting and rotating bucket control cylinder. The general process of shovel excavation of loader is first to lay the bucket flat on the ground and drive to the pile smoothly.


    When the parallel shovel of the bucket encounters resistance to the material pile, the principle of first lifting the arm and then retracting the bucket shall be followed.


    This can effectively avoid the bottom of the bucket resistance, so as to give full play to the maximum digging force.


    6. No


    First of all, do not bang the accelerator. No matter the loader is walking or shoveling, do not press the accelerator pedal hard, and always keep the light stability and smoothness of the accelerator control. Fully reduce and reduce the human failure in operation.


    Second, it is strictly prohibited to tire slip. During the operation of loader, the phenomenon of tire slipping often occurs in case of resistance and sudden filling valve. This phenomenon is usually caused by improper operation of the driver, which increases fuel consumption and damages the tire.


    Third, it is strictly prohibited to raise the rear wheel. Due to the large digging force of the loader, the driver usually digs the solid original soil and stone mountain during the operation process, if the operation is improper, the two rear wheels are prone to rise and leave the ground. The landing inertia of this kind of lifting action will cause the edge plate of the bucket to break and the bucket to deform; when the rear wheel is very high, it is easy to cause the welding joints of the front and rear frames and even the plate to break.


    Fourth, it is strictly prohibited to impact the pile. For digging common materials, the loader can use the second gear (seven speed gearbox, three speed gearbox is forbidden to use the second gear) to operate. It is forbidden to use the gear above the second gear to carry out inertial impact on the pile. The correct way is to shift the bucket to gear I in time when approaching the pile to complete a shoveling process.

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